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Super Warships: Global Strongest Maritime Warfare is a military war game against the background of World War II. Players need to assemble their legendary historical fleet to fight with other players on a large scale map and win the final victory. • CHOOSE FROM HUNDREDS OF FAMOUS SHIPS There are more than 100 different warships that can be matched freely, thousands of strategies can be combined at will. In each battle, famous warships and submarines take you into the most real battlefield. It restore the historical plot, simulate the famous battles in history. You have to use your strategy to compete all your enemies. The great 3D model restored the real scene. • UPGRADE AND UNLOCK CUSTOM SKILLS Refit equipment on your ship to adapt to your game style, train your commander to unlock special skills and form the fleet only for you. Naval fleets pay attention to the arrangement of warships, and the position is particularly important. Land tanks adjust their routes at any time to test the real-time strategy. • RECRUIT CAPTAIN TO FIGHT SIDE BY SIDE Collect famous commanders and generals in history, upgrade them according to their natural abilities, and fight side by side with your favorite commander. Recruit soldiers and send troops to patrol. The important task of protecting the country is on your shoulders. • UPGRADE AUTOMATICALLY WHEN YOU OFFLINE Strategy game is embedded with offline play method, one click to obtain accumulated offline revenue, help you upgrade. Game is not time spending and money costing, the easy game play lead you to go all the way to the peak of the game. • UNIQUE SUBMARINE FULLY ARMED Different from other military theme games, the game developed submarine underwater combat mode. The submarine launched torpedoes silently, and the C-shaped encirclement covered the enemy in an all-round way.



  • Choose from a hundred famous ships
  • Upgrade and unlock custom skills
  • Recruit captain to fight side by side
  • Upgrade automatically when you offline
  • Unique submarine fully armed

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