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Recensionstitel för AlexanderImproved performance/ but removed clip and magnetism

Good: Fast delivery (paid extra for that, but still). Good as well: Improved performance! nice latency, and where the previous pen earlier had sometimes Little lacks of Contact or "interrupts" - its now seamless. Bad: Why did you remove the clip? I Always had the pen clipped to my shirtpocked, inside my sweater-collar, or clipped to the bag i bought for the surfacepro. With the clip removed i lost those options. Not good that. Especially not- as the pen does not anymore attaches from all sides to the screen anymore- like the precursor pen did. Now you have to turn it to the exact face- where the Little magnet is put. I like this pen performance,- though preferred the magnetic abilities and clip of the old pen. (Update Review 171123 23:53): someone sugested to use the old pens cover-clip on the new pen. That does not work- i tried that. The 1+2nd pens end-covers are differently constructed - and do not function on one Another (sadly).

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Recensionstitel för JakobKan inte klaga

Funkar alldeles utmärkt, gillar de nya uddarna bättre än den på förra pennan och snygg mörkblå färg!

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