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This program is designed to help people with vocal disabilities. -Using the internal synthesizer to the device, the user writing on the device will have an electronic voice that pronounces the words. -Inside there is also a part that allows the memorization of sentences that can be reused without having to rewrite. The text strings are then grouped into categories represented by smiles that represent the states of people's minds. -The writing of the phrases is done through a keyboard shown in the program and does not use the keyboard of the device, this allows you to have a minimal keyboard suitable for those who have motor problems. Using a switch in the setup you can decide whether to use a full or minimal keyboard. -Selection of available languages on the used device. -Simple to use even for gaming and if you are lucky enough not to have a practical need surely will be a great entertainer with friends.


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by 2017 Spider Soft di Daaniel Gasparini



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19,41 MB


Från 3 år



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