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In the game “The Warring States Period: Unified Empire”, you will dream about the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States with millions of players. As a real-time strategy game base on sandbox, you will continually expand your territory on the super-large map to achieve dominance of the States. As a city lord, you must constantly recruit and train generals and soldiers. You also have to train various types of arms. Rely on favorable terrain, you can command the army to deploy troops freely or implement various tactical operations to deal with this fierce territorial competition and to achieve your own Warring States hegemony. The real-time combat mode brings the art of war to the extreme. The high degree of freedom for gameplay allows players on all servers to interact freely and compete fairly. The game recreate the scene of a million army united and starting the siege of the city, and recasting the glory of a hundred schools of thought and princes for different states contending for hegemony. The game adopts the latest SLG ultra-fast-paced strategy gameplay. Players can feel immersive and experience the real battlefield atmosphere. It fully restores the super-large map of the Warring States with Seven Heroes and many other famous generals. The game includes the construction of the city itself and different types of battles and all of these are shown on the map. It realizes the real strive for hegemony between thousands of people, so as to realize your hegemony! The stage for the Warring States Period is beginning to start, let’s go onto the battlefield together to feel the heavy history for that time and experience the real war strategy. The purest happiness for victory comes from your strength and your wisdom. • HIGH DEGREE OF HISTORICAL RECURRENCE Based on historical facts, the game fully reproduces the historical characteristics of the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. The game makes everyone experience the Warring States Period which is 2000 years ago and feel the awesome culture and cruel war for the Spring and Autumn Period. • ULTRA FAST PACE The game has changed the traditional slow mode of SLG gameplay into fast strategy gameplay. Inside the game, all the controls and commands for the character are real-time responses that allow you to exit and join the battlefield as long as you want. • THE FAIR AND GREAT BATTLEFIELD The game, in accordance with the historical facts in the Warring States Period, built a huge map for players from all servers. What you see is what you get. You can explore the map freely and start a war at any time, there is no restriction for your field and battles. What the game wants is to show the real and huge battlefield for that period. • VARIOUS GENERALS AND SOLDIERS There is not only war in the Warring States Period, but also gorgeous culture at that time. It truly shows various scholars and generals in that time to reflect the profound culture of the Warring States period. Many famous scholars, such as Confucianism, Taoism, Yi School, the Yin-Yang School, will appear in the game.


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