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Looking for a 3D trigger point software for advanced and powerful trigger point analysis for medical practitioners to identify the trigger points and suggest exercises to their patients. This trigger point software has been developed in conjunction with Dr. Bob Gerwin MD. “Trigger Point 3D - Trigger Points” is the most powerful and advanced trigger point software on the market that supports 360 degrees model - rotate, zoom and more 3D modeling features. With the Trigger Point 3D software, you can search by muscle, 3D search and explore trigger point maps with unique animations. It is extremely useful for medical practitioners to analyze or diagnose muscle pains, shoulder pains or any other pains that could be related to trigger points. The 3D trigger point software helps with information, hints, and tips for reducing pain for patients who are undergoing the pain. The app is capable of emailing exercises and advice to your patients directly from the software.


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