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What if.. is a question game where you say "Yes" or "No" to casual, personal, challenging and crazy questions and immediately see how other players answered! Perfect for parties as well as for just passing time. You have nothing to lose, try it out! What if… you could extend your lifespan with 20 healthy years. But… you step on a piece of lego every day when you least expect it. The world says: 46% Yes, 54% No What do you say? Some of our 80000+ positive reviews on other platforms: ★★★★★ - "Fun entertainment. Both alone and at a party with friends!" ★★★★★ - "Really Awesome game. This game is really good I suggest everyone download it."


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Fixed some minor issues


  • With 100,000+ questions and new every day the fun never ends!
  • Share questions with your friends and see what they answer!
  • Create your own questions and see its statistics!

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A Creative Endeavor


Copyright © 2015, A Creative Endeavor AB.

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A Creative Endeavor



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17,29 MB


Från 16 år


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English (United States)


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