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Practice mathematics by playing store with Zcooly! Children will learn and exercise i.a.: addition (+), subtraction (-), order of numbers, patterns, even / uneven numbers, double / half, adjacent numbers and more. Intended for children between 5 to 7 years of age. "Alan is preparing his birthday party and needs your help to maintain his store. Help him out behind the cash register and take care of the customers, play the hamster machine and help sorting the groceries is always welcome." Zcooly Store 1 is an educational game from Zcooly where children play a game and at the same time develop their logical thinking and their mathematical skills. Zcooly Store 1 is developed in collaboration with school teachers. - Everyone speaks english. - No ads or commercials. - No in-app-purchases. - Simple User Interface. More info about Zcooly Store 1 and Zcooly: Facebook:


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