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Bad Granny Neighbour is a fun shooting game or something like that Be a granny and smash the house, the office, the supermarket, a pizza restaurant, the museum and an alien invasion in the city. The 3D graphics and terrifying screens of Bad Granny Neighbour will transport you to a mysterious town where you will be surrounded by puzzles. The sinister melody of this escape and the fighting game is perfect for creating a perfect atmosphere of horror, scary, and mystery, for this farm village full of houses of terror, assassins, and scary neighbours. Mystery games hook you from the first level. Dare to sneak into the house of terror of the assassin grandma and get the objects and challenges that the game poses. Move through the town and rooms with a first-person camera system that will guide you through the farm village, grandma's house, and the neighbours so that you can hide as soon as you can. Don't let the assassin grandma see you! Adventure games like Bad Granny Neighbour take you into a town with houses and rooms of terror where riddles hide in every corner. Bad Granny Features: - Neighbours and a dog they will not let bob go! - High Quality 3D Graphics! You will Enjoy how your device will show this Full of Atmosphere Game and You will feel the Scary Grandpa presence everywhere! - Amazing Sounds! A stunning soundtrack, the ominous melodies of which perfectly convey the atmosphere of the Scary house! 3D thriller! - Smooth and Easy Controls! A well-designed first-person camera system that allows you to move around home freely and look around without any delay! - Amazing environments. Explore this mystical neighbour’s house and try to get known in all secrets! Download this game and discover all the mysteries that surround this town of terror!

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MB 165.18

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Ya umri wa miaka 7 na juu


Kitendo + tukio

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Pata programu hii wakati umeingia kwenye akaunti yako ya Microsoft na usakinishe hadi kwenye vifaa kumi vya Windows 10.

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