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Wonderful coloring book - antistress at your disposal. Feel like an artist. Choose tools and colors. Complete freedom of action. - Hundreds of awesome images. - Color stunning mandalas, animals, nature, dishes, unicorns, dragons and more. - Use filling tool to quickly fill polygons and pencil or brush to add colors to create your own color combinations. - Perfect for coloring and drawing with Microsoft Surface Pen. - We took care of convenience: you won’t go beyond the bounds of the polygon you are coloring. - Comprehensive palette of colors that we are constantly improving. - Share your drawings with friends in social network. Save your pictures in high quality to print your masterpiece. Relax, experiment with colors and you will find that this is a great way to deal with stress. For children, coloring book is a developmental entertainment, for adults it is an excellent way to relieve their stress and anxiety. ● A tons of stunning images and limitless possibilities of coloring make this coloring book favorite for everyone. We tried hard to make it so that you could easily create a masterpiece no matter how old you are. ● Create your own unique picture, add colors and shades that match your mood and notice how they will change along with your mood in the process of drawing and coloring. ● Our coloring book does not require an Internet connection. We often improve the application so please make sure that your coloring book gets the latest updates in time! tags: coloring coloring kitabu kurasa coloring coloring kitabu kwa ajili ya watu wazima kurasa coloring kwa watu wazima coloring kitabu kwa ajili ya watoto coloring kitabu kwa watoto kurasa coloring kwa ajili ya watoto kurasa coloring kwa ajili ya watoto kuteka kuchora kalamu kalamu wino inking uso stress antistress coloring mchezo coloring programu programu coloring coloring michezo rangi uchoraji rangi

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coloring for pen and finger

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"badenaugh solutions". coloring for pen and finger

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MB 38.96

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Ya umri wa miaka 3 na juu



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Pata programu hii wakati umeingia kwenye akaunti yako ya Microsoft na usakinishe hadi kwenye vifaa kumi vya Windows 10.

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coloring for pen and finger

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