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It’s Valentine’s day and that calls for a full day of relaxation at the spa followed by a romantic date in the evening. However, our star girl princess wants to do things differently which is why she needs your help in preparing for valentine day! It’s not just princess dressup that you will have to help with though, this valentine game has a lot more than that! Put an end to all social conventions and do something against the current this time! ♡♡♡ Features ♡♡♡ ♥ Head over to the flower shop and prepare beautiful bouquets ♥ Wrap up delicious chocolates in the most elaborate fashion ♥ Spend time thinking over the date by solving a romantic jigsaw puzzle ♥ Get ready for the big date at the glamorous princess dress up boutique ♥ Give an amazing makeover on valentines day! Get in on the fiesta fever and make sure every thing is exactly the way princess valentine wants it! ------------------------------- Unit M is dedicated to bring the best kids games for your tweens on store. “Princess Valentines Day Party” is part of valentine games series and more are on their way! Stay tuned for the "princess makeover" games for girls!"

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