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As a thriving new shop owner in a bustling adventurer city, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work! Craft, haggle, and sell your way to the top, and you are sure to attract many colorful characters to your shop… perhaps even the King himself! Build Your Own Shop - Customize Your Shop: Carpets, racks, and stalls… or simply tons of cat statues! Design the shop of your dreams, and your customers will love you for it! - Dress to Impress: Choose among dozens of hairstyles, clothes, and accessories to make your shopkeeper truly stand out! Get Crafting - Craft: Craft from an ever-growing collection of items, including swords, shields, boots, weapons, and much more! - Upgrade: Become a master craftsman. The more items you make, the more powerful and valuable they’ll become! - Enchant: Enchant powerful elemental and spirit effects to any item and awaken their true power with over a million possible combinations! Assemble Heroes and Quest for Loot - Personalize Your Party: Recruit and customize Heroes among 18 classes and equip them with items you made yourself! - Meet the Champions: Team up your Heroes with unique and powerful Champions, characters with powerful abilities and unique stories. - Battle Monsters: Send out parties of Heroes to battle monsters and gather valuable crafting materials! A Massively Multiplayer World - Join a Guild: Team up with other players around the world and invest together to create a bustling city! - Team Up: Compete with your guild in events like the Lost City of Gold. Big rewards are dropped the further you progress! - Play the Market: Rack up the gold (and gems!) by participating in a worldwide, player-driven market!

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Ironclad Content Pass Gather your finest iron! Come collect Rivets to receive Masterfully crafted rewards straight out of Wallace's forge! Updated Ascension Milestones We've extended the ascension milestones rewards and altered the ones that were obsolete!

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Kabam Games, Inc.

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GB 1.21

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Ya umri wa miaka 7 na juu


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Fikia muunganisho wako wa mtandao na ucheze kama seva.
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Pata programu hii wakati umeingia kwenye akaunti yako ya Microsoft na usakinishe hadi kwenye vifaa kumi vya Windows 10.

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English (United States)

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Ingia ili kuripoti mchezo huu kwenye Microsoft
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