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Playing with toy soldiers is something that every kid loves. Now, you can play with toy soldiers one more time in Tower Defense TD: Battlelands Royale, a new strategy game. Defend your base from the invading enemies. Defeat the enemies by placing soldiers along the way to stop them from reaching your base. Carefully place your units on the map and upgrade them for better fire powers. The choice of troops is very important as there are various enemies in every level. Have fun with Tower Defense TD: Battlelands Royale! Your Kingdom is under attack by fearful Monster. In this Tower Defense, you need to react fast and use the right weapons in order to win one of War Games. Like Strategy Games, this TD challenges you, makes you to be the best king to protect all the kingdom. Failing to do so will result in losing your Kingdom, your Monster will kill you right away. Try one of the most exciting new best free Castle. Setup Defense Tower, pick a explosive weapon and enjoy the most fancinating Tower Defence games.

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