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The Epic 4X war game that combines both real time and turn-based tactical gameplay. Join more than 10 million players! Set in a stunning Heroic Fantasy World, War & Magic is the reference of Tactical multiplayer and Role-playing online simulation war games. War & Magic incorporates a unique chessboard gameplay into battles that will delight war enthusiasts, board game fans and 4X players. Make the right moves, anticipate and use your enemies weaknesses at your advantage! You will have to rely on your tactical wisdom in combat. Recruit unique heroes and lead your armies to win every battle. Each troop and Hero has their own strengths and skills, and take advantage of all possibilities it entails to overcome your enemies. As the Lord you will have the duty to create, lead, and defend your empire: Build beautiful infrastructures, discover new technologies, train powerful and various units and recruit the most prestigious heroes! Easy to pick-up but hard to master, it will mobilize for sure your brain’s full tactical potential. That’s what makes this game the best time-killer ever! Join the War and Magic community for its Worldwide launch on Microsoft Store. More than 9 millions players are waiting for you! Discover the Ancient Beasts’ system, adding 10 brand new creatures. Each Ancient Beast has its own characteristics, class, talents and skills: 28 varieties of skills, 16 “combat” skills and 12 “farming” skills. All the more possibilities for you to play according to your own style! Facebook Page: Contact Us:

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  • Battle: Recruit unique Heroes and adapt your playstyle! Rise among your peers and attract the most prestigious heroes to fight for you
  • Train a great variety of troops to serve your heroes! Dozens of troops of different races are ready to fight. Match a hero with the suitable troops to have a real advantage during battles.
  • The chessboard is your battlefield! You are the strategist, make the right moves and anticipate your enemies’.
  • War: Build a massive empire! Collect resources, build functional buildings, research new technologies and train more advanced troops.
  • Make the right alliances! Ally with other players and create a powerful alliance to take over the throne!
  • Choose your own path! Your actions define you. Who will you be? A powerful warlord, an outstanding strategist, a resource collector or dealer, or a spy that pulls the strings in the shadow.
  • Dragon City is yours to take! The throne of Tyroria belongs to the strongest. Dare you accept the challenge?
  • Others: New heroes and units are consistently brought into the game
  • Epic events and festival celebrations to always keep the game fun
  • All Players in One Server: Communicate with people all over the world.

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GB 1.68

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