Product:Windows Operating System
Event ID:8003
Message:The master browser has received a server announcement from the computer %2

This computer is a master browser, and another computer has announced that it is the master browser. There can be only one master browser on a subnet at any given time. This message is logged for informational purposes only.

The existence of two browser masters occurs when a second computer cannot contact the master browser for some reason: for example, when there are name resolution problems or the master browser is too busy to respond. When the original master browser receives a master announcement from the second computer, the master browser tries to resolve the conflict by ending its status as a master server, forcing an election, or both.

The choice of these actions depends on the status of the two computers: for example, whether one or both are domain controllers, primary domain controllers or Windows for Workgroups computers, and whether this computer lost an election earlier. For more information about browsing, see Appendix I: Windows 2000 Server Browser Service on the Microsoft Technet Web site.

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