Product:Windows Operating System
Event ID:1
Message:%1: The embedded controller (EC) hardware didn't respond within the timeout period. This may indicate an error in the EC hardware or firmware, or possibly a poorly designed BIOS which accesses the EC in an unsafe manner. The EC driver will retry the failed transaction if possible.

The embedded controller (EC) hardware did not respond within the time limit. The EC driver will retry the failed transaction. If the EC continues to fail, the operating system might stop responding, or “hang.”

Possible causes include:

  • An error in the EC hardware or firmware.
  • A poorly designed basic input output system (BIOS) that accesses the EC incorrectly.

User Action

Contact the computer vendor for an updated BIOS and install it according to the vendor's instructions.

If the problem is not with the BIOS, contact the computer vendor for help with the possible EC hardware or firmware failure.

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