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Its time of army fighting and war games. We are looking for the most skilled army vehicle driver in the world. May be the best driver is we looking that will be you??? Do you think you got the guts to handle the dangerous situations and get rid of all these problems. Can you drive the most amazing army vehicles on the heavy war crowded city. Do you have the guts to drop the army men to the battlefield ?? This game is not like the other parking simulation games. its a total new driving experience of driving the army vehicles in the battle ground. You have to lead the army camp and have to pick the army men from the checkpoint ad drop them in the battlefield. You have to do this job no matter what its take ?? So us you got what it takes to be an army driver and that you can drive everything we throw at you! Have fun and enjoy this newest parking simulator game. Enjoy the different 3D levels and be smart in driving through these parking missions. Gme Features: - Dfferent military vehicles - 10 Exciting and difficult missions - Real life war parking situations - Realistic Controls - Amazing Gameplay


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Terminator Game Productions


Terminator Game Productions

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Terminator Game Productions

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62,95 МБ

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Барои синну соли 3 ва боло


Тавассути воридшавӣ ба ҳисоби Microsoft-и худ ин барномаро гиред ва дар то даҳ дастгоҳи Windows 10-и худ насб кунед.

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