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That the app does not support Windows 10 S. Gift Code: 846Lk3QV Rewards: Diamond*100, Gold*100000,Medium Stamina Potion*5,Dust Bottle*10 Dargon Awaken: Dragon Battle Legend is a half-turn hero fantasy 3D MMORPG game. The game uses a realistic style to build a grand magical world. Here, the player will play as a lord. In addition to managing his own territory, he also needs to lead heroes of various races to fight with fairies, demons, and dragons. They will go through many adventures to build Your own path to the strongest lord. The game screen is full of strong medieval magic atmosphere, magnificent scenes, exquisite characters, gorgeous movements, dazzling special effects, and epic music sound effects and plot animations, all show the designer's intentions, interesting combat strategies and operability It also makes people unable to stop, there are hundreds of copies and gameplay waiting for the exploration and adventure of toy players! Real-time global battles, without borders, players from all over the world at the same time, with global service, you will compete with players from all countries and regions! Contact Us: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DAWindows10/ Ticket: http://service.proficientcity.com/ Features: --Various dragon system Players can become masters of 6 different dragons, each containing an elemental power and helping you in different ways in battle. Dragons can become part of the battle, become an indispensable mount for warriors in heroic battles, or provide your heroes with power to increase your battle level. In addition, players can evolve their dragons until they reach the final form-the supreme goddess. --Multiplayer stage system Multiplayer dungeon allows multiplayer players to team up, and friends can team up for extra income. The level-breaking stage is gradually opened according to the player's level improvement. The newly-opened copy provides higher output income, and the difficulty will also increase. The harder the stage of the clearance, the better the reward. --Competitive faction system Faction is an important interactive structure in the game. Players are free to choose to join the "Amity" or "Supremacy". Players can obtain faction badges by competing leaders, completing rewards missions, participating in faction activities, etc. The faction badges can be used to exchange treasures in the faction store and develop faction flags to increase attributes. --Various dungeon events The game has multiple dungeons, where you can get different materials and equipment. In addition, players can also play with other players in the game and create alliances to survive. Challenging harder dungeons will reward players with better items and make them stronger.


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