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Looking to find the best shooting game, you came at the exact right spot!! The best knife flicking throw and kill challenge of the modern era is about to begin here at knife throw challenge game. All you kids and parents out there come at this platform to have fun shooting apples and hitting your target and play the fun addicting game. Pick up your tiny shaped sword and all the sharp knives to play in this awesome hit the target game. Have fun playing this addictive kill and throw knife shooting game. Are You ready to become the champion BY PLAYING Kick the buddy Knife Shoot Challenge? Challenge the ranking. But be careful not to hit the knives. Unlock new knives with powers to go faster. Overcome the bosses. New Level for you!! Knife warriors Your main aim should be to hit, kill and break the target by your knives. Try to throw your knife at the target with the precise movement of your hand. Win big score in this knife hit challenging game. Flip dunk and hit your knife with all the power you got to hit the exact sweet spot to earn big score in this knife challenge event. Throw the buddy knives one by one at the exact critical spot. Kick the buddy Knife Shoot Challenge is an addictive game for all ages. Knife dash game like Knife throw challenge provides the best environment to play in which there are a lot of realistic backgrounds that portray the realistic in game scene sequences. This game screen is simple, a rotation buddy in the center, some knives surrounding it. Players need to launch radiant buddy to the rotation knives one by one, but must touch the target. How to play Kick the buddy Knife Shoot Challenge Shoot the Knife to get score Throw all the knives to pass the stage Tips Kick the buddy Knife Shoot Challenge Don't hit other knives or the spikes Shoot the target to collect it Slash the target and unlock new levels


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