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Magichestra is a Virtual Reality Musical game where you, the player, become the Maestro of your own orchestra, made of magical instruments that give life to the classical pieces. Immerse yourself in a wondrous world, combining special materials together with magic in order to come up with your own instruments. By experimenting with different materials, the Maestro can craft unexpected instruments and create an unique and exquisite orchestra. When the orchestra is ready, the Maestro steps on the stage to conduct the piece, performing specific gestures, be it a flick of the hand or a grand sweeping motion, and following the rhythm of each musical piece. Explore each of the different moods, represented by medleys of classical pieces, and choose the repertoire of your orchestra. As the Maestro, you may decide to play an epic tale with electric guitars mixed with violins, or maybe a waltz composed with electronic beats. It’s up to you!


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Black River Studios

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Black River Studios

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