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Textro is a simple elegant app to create beautiful Text Videos for your Instagram Posts, WhatsApp Or intro video for your YouTube Channel. Use Textro to 1. Get more likes on your social posts by simply animating your Words 2. Make your story part stand out by adding Animated Text to your Instagram Stories 3. Add beautiful prequel or intro videos for your YouTube Videos 4. Create more impressing animated quotes to impress your friends on Social Media Textro Features : 1. Different Text Animation Styles for creating your Animated Video 2. Tons of Color Combinations to make your Instagram Story Video attractive 3. Tons of Fonts to write your Inspiring Animated Quotes 4. Choose your Music Or use from our Music Library 5. Add your Pics as background for your animations Textro is easy to use 1. Just Add Text 2. Choose Animation Style 3. Choose Color Combinations 4. Choose Fonts and DONE. Add some style to your Text Quotes to create Animated Quotes. These Text animations will add text swag to your Animated Text Videos and get you more likes. Create awesome word swag videos about your YouTube Channel and merge them to your YouTube Videos. Or just have fun with some creativity!!! Still Reading? Great! Try it now!! Disclaimer: Textro is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved by YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Google, Instagram. All references to "YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, Google, Instagram" are solely to identify the app for potential users. No trademark infringement is intended, Neither are these companies/entities responsible for this app.


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Китобхонаи суратҳои худро истифода баред
Китобхонаи видеоҳои худро истифода баред
Онҳо ва равзанаҳои онҳоро маҳкам кунед ва маҳкамкунии барномаҳои онҳоро ба таъхир андозед


Тавассути воридшавӣ ба ҳисоби Microsoft-и худ ин барномаро гиред ва дар то даҳ дастгоҳи Windows 10-и худ насб кунед.

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