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Are you one of those, who write short texts for 5 minutes and you have to correct your spelling 5 times, or maybe you just want to have the SKILL to write faster so you can show off to your friends? With help of TypedUp you will improve your typing skills as fast as possible! Speed and accuricy are just two of the skills that you will improve. TypedUp includes two different modes of playing (for now)! - Trainer mode, this is the "classic" mode, your goal is to type the word on the screen as fast as possible! - TimeAttack, in this mode you have got a time limit! For every correctly spelled word you gain some EXTRA TIME and points! But be careful! You get a penalty if you spell it wrong. We are planning on modefying this game mode and SOON we are adding a mode where you can play against a BOT. It won't be easy! We are also adding a multiplayer mode! That is still not all! In the upcomming patches we are adding new achievements and missions for more fun! New shop items, new character uprades - THEY ARE ONE THE WAY!


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Matic Korošec


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Matic Korošec

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