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¡¡Pixel Games to have fun!! The 3D plane war in stars as become! A new version in Christmas time, crossy the skies! Shooty Heroes is the more easy to play and the most fun for kids blocky game that you may find in this awesome world. ONLY you may watch a video for a reward like better weapons or more coins. (IMPORTANT!) Unlock all the super heroes and explore blocky world online in the funny & amusing games of 24 Code Limit. An air combat shooting game for fun. There is no pop up ads. A Fly-Crossy Game. After the mobile’s version success, the studio put on your desktop computer the classical aircraft Shoot’em up videogame with PIXEL graphics. The most fun Galaxy Attacks games. This is the funniest war airplane game you ever tried !! If you like the shooting games you should play it! The war in stars as become! It takes place in a blocky pixel and crazy world where you will deal to a big quantity of crazy enemies that never finish to shoot you. The best game to you if enjoy with arcade games with blocky graphics, adventures and shooting because join the playing classic shoot'em up with a different game experience. Perfect to any kind of players, beginners or experts that can’t stop play while improve the plane in a incredible blocky pixel game if they love the fun for free shooter games. If you love games like Minecraft, you may find a visual like this one, with famouse charactes and alot of heroes from movies, video games and more. Prevent them from damaging your airplane with their missiles and make sure to keep your energy bar at its best to fly with less pressure! ∞∞∞∞ Shooty Pixel Heroes ∞∞∞∞ ★ Blocky pixel graphics ★ More than 20 unlockable heroes! ★ Original soundtrack ★ Amusing shooting games ★ Funny free shooters ★ Best 3D planes on 3D games ★ 100% free game and easy to play, maybe the best game of 2017 ★ Take bonus and improve weapons! ★ Free game Download !!! ★ Funny flying games ★ No pop up ads ★ Unique Galaxies with crazy enemies Fun guarantied in a block world where you get up the levels surrounded of bursts and blowups. Choose the best hero and become into the master of the sky on a crossy kind game. Will you be as skillful as to understand the kind of strategy of the enemy’s bullets? Download wonderful FREE shooter. The best pixel heroes war aircraft casual game and encourage to your friends on social networks. Play to see who get the best score in this block airplane survival game and don’t forget share it!! The best on shooting games. Don’t forget to rate this amusing shooting pixel game after play. Thanks. WEBSITE: http://24codelimit.com/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/24codelimit/ (Follow us) YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChJilnOCnw4b8v3BP_zplWA

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Fixed the new quest to play with a new hero. Improved graphics performance. Fixed minor bug.


  • ★ Blocky pixel graphics
  • ★ More than 20 unlockable heroes!
  • ★ Original soundtrack
  • ★ High speed only for aviation experts!
  • ★ Take bonus and improve weapons!
  • ★ Free game Download !!!
  • ★ Shooty Remake

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24 CodeLimit

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24 Code Limit SLNEU

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