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The Kingdom is waiting for you to dress up the next Fairy Princess for the ball! The big ball is going to take place in the kingdom, but this is only the beginning of a beautiful Tale. Everyone is excited to see the Royal Heiress at the to make an audience with her adoring public! Be part of a magical fairytale and make the Prince’s dream come true! As the whole town waits for her at the ball, you have to make sure that she is dressed up in only the best clothes, shoes, and accessories to make the King and Queen of the Kingdom proud, and she also looks good for the Prince. It isn’t always easy looking beautiful, which is why she needs your help now to get dressed up for the Grand Ball. In Princess Dress up tale, you have to take care of your very own Cinderella and other members of the royal family under your care to prepare them to dressup in only the fanciest dresses, the best shoes, beautiful makeup, and of course, give them a Tiara to finish off the look and prove her standing as a member of the lovely Royal Family she is so eager to meet. You will play through various interactive games that will take you through the different stages of getting the princess ready for the ball, you have to carefully mix and match her dresses, pick out all of her accessories, and make sure all her makeup is properly taken care of before her carriage arrives to take her to the Grand Ball to meet the Prince. Everyone is going to come from different parts of the country to see the beautiful Fairy Princess dressed up in only her finest clothes so they are ready for their fairytale wedding! You have to make sure that each of the girls you prepare for the ball, look their absolute best! As you dressup Cinderella, Belle, and the other disney Princesses in beautiful clothes, makeup, and accessories, you have to give them only your best touch! Under your care are some of the most famous royal heiresses of the lands, but you must make sure that Princesses is the most taken care of. To help you on you make your mission possible, you will be given the finest tools in the world of dressing up: - The finest Hairstyles - The best Dresses - Beautiful Gloves - Different colored Skirts - Colorful Shoes - Lots of Pants - A large number of Shirts - Many beautiful Necklaces to wear - And no dress would be complete without a beautiful set of Crowns!

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Unit M Limited

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Unit M, 2018


Unit M Limited.

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128,86 MB

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