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Burn it all! Destroy everything! Crush your enemies! Take back your gold! Why? Because you can. You are the Dragon. And this is your revenge… Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay tuned: https://twitter.com/dragon4revenge http://instagram.com/dragonrevenge

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Guess what? Now the game supports Xbox 360 controller! But we have more surprises.Look who has joined our party! Have you ever heard about Lava Dragon? He lives in the caves of the volcano's slope. He is very phlegmatic and lazy. But only until he get's bored. And you know what? He was bored. That's why he decided to visit his old friend, Red Dragon. More fire, more destruction, more fun. Enjoy!!


  • Lots of levels and more are coming. How much of them will you burn?
  • Countless enemies to incinerate. Sounds like somebody can have some fun
  • 3 different Dragons.
  • Freedom of flight. Wanna get to the clouds? Just do it.
  • 7 unique abilities for different tactics… Or simply burn everything down
  • Impressive, nice art & music is rocking awesome
  • You’re the dragon who’s sure, all that glitters is gold. Take it back
  • Get stronger, faster, better, harder and bring more destruction to the world
  • Bored of thoughtless destruction? We have missions for you!
  • Leaderboards - compare your results with the other players and try to reach the first place! Who is the strongest Dragon in the world? Maybe you?
  • Facebook integration - check out your friend's progress on the world's map and do not let them beat your scores!
  • Promo codes - stay tuned, follow us in the social networks and do not miss special events or contests where you can win a promo code for the golden coins, consumable abilities or even a Dragon or some
  • Just be a dragon. Just revenge.

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