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Farming Simulator 19 Guide by GuideWorlds.com now Windows Store! This is not a game. Just Guide. Category: ---Mods Mods list Installing mods New maps Tweaks and scripts New objects New machines ---Tips and curiosities Starting tips Difficulty Levels Timescale and sleeping Trains The banks, the loans and the bankruptcy Additional gameplay options Production chains ---FAQ What to cultivate first? How does the belt system work? Why can't I use the Biogas Plant? How to fill a vehicle's tank? How to save game? How to buy new fields? How to enlarge/merge fields? Which tractor should I begin with? How to hire workers? How to remove tree stumps and bushes New tractor: what to pay attention to? How to increase harvester capacity? How to repair vehicles and machinery? How to sell vehicles? Can I combine semi-trailers? How does the leasing work? ---Maps and field sizes Ravenport Map Felsbrunn Map ---Crops Crops types Grain Root crops Summary and profitability ---Husbandry Farm animals Where to get water Chickens Pigs Sheep Cows Horses ---Wood Harvesting wood Poplars ---Field work Field work types How to grow grains step by step How to cultivate potatoes and beets How to cultivate cotton step by step How to grow sugarcane Crop quality improvement Grass, hay and silage Chaff Storing the yield Sale of crops ---List of vehicles and machines Overview of vehicles Tractors and trucks Trailers and semi-trailers Harvesters and headers Machines for fieldwork Loaders Machines for grass and hay Baling technology Belt systems Forestry equipment Animal husbandry machines Misc machines and tools ---Appendix Controls System requirements

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