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Find hotels around with just a tap! Available hotels instantly pop up on the map around you as soon as you open the app. Hotels within different price ranges are colored in red (Lux), blue (Standard) and green (BB). Tap on a pin to preview the hotel and see the best price for tonight. Tired of scrolling through tedious lists of hotel search results? Try this instead: Everything on the map with zero search effort. Zoom in and out to refine your hotel search by territory. We show you top-rated hotels only. Our rating is a weighted average of the rates this hotel received on all major booking providers Use Filters to check availability for another date or filter by price Check deals around Review hotel terms, photos and compare prices Get driving or walking directions Our interactive map serves up real-time results from over 850’000 hotels around the globe. Finding the right hotel for tonight at the right place - now it’s a cinch.

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