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Enjoy 7 variations of solitaire with silky smooth 3D animation. Take a sneak peek at over 300 more games that can be added at any time. You'll be playing solitaire forever. Personalize every game with a choice of card layouts, and rate each game with up to 5 stars. Drag cards, throw cards, or move them automatically with a single touch. A simple user interface offers a high degree of customization, and a wide variety of graphic options. Features include options for card messiness, intelligent auto-play to foundations, auto-flip, hints, unlimited undo and redo, statistics, and the skill-testing pro mode. Every solitaire game has been heavily researched from 41 resources and books dating back to the 1800s, with sources, trivia, and information cited for each game. The time honored tradition of solitaire on the digital screen continues. Solitaire forever.

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The victory fireworks no longer maxes out the CPU usage if audio is enabled.


  • Enjoy 7 variations of solitaire, and over 300 more that can be added at any time.
  • Each game has several layouts to choose from, including wide, tall, right and left handed.
  • Rules, trivia and information researched from 41 sources dating back to the 1800s.
  • Rate each game with up to 5 stars to remember how much you liked them.
  • Customize the detailed graphics, with options that include reflections and effects.
  • Throw cards toward their destination with a small flick, or auto-move with a single touch.
  • One touch to toggle intelligent auto-play to foundations.
  • One touch to toggle hints that highlight playable cards.
  • Each game tracks your best statistics and overall high score.
  • Test your skill in pro mode, with its own set of statistics for each game.
  • Adjust the messiness of the card positions, from very messy to straight lines.
  • The user interface can be scaled large or small, and hidden with a single touch.
  • And plenty more, such as unlimited undo/redo, pause, auto-save, and zoom.

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Solitaire Forever

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© 2019 Michael Sedore

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116,8 MB

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3 yaş ve üzeri için

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