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VOLT and InDesign Tutorial
Step 7 - Test your font in InDesign

InDesign character menu Once the font is installed on your system, fire up InDesign and create a new document with a blank text box. In the character palette, select your font and type some text.

Type 'fi' and highlight it (then select 'Ligatures'):

[f and i] [fi ligature]

Small caps (select 'Small Caps'):

[a and b] [A and B small caps]

Old style numerals (select 'Old Style'):

[1 and 5 lining] [1 and 5 old style]

The all caps-adjusted brackets (select 'All Caps'):

Square brackets positioned for lowercase Square brackets positioned for uppercase

Now that your OpenType layout-enabled font appears to be ready, open it back up in VOLT and choose 'Ship Font' from the 'File' menu. This will remove the private VOLT data, making the font ready for distribution and use (be sure to save a pre-shipped version of the font file so you can modify your layout features in the future).

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Last updated 19 August 2000.

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