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VOLT and InDesign Tutorial
Step 6 - Compile and test your font

Now that we've added all of our OpenType layout features, we can use VOLT to test, or 'proof,' the font. But testing can begin, VOLT must first compile the font: click the 'Compile' button on the toolbar. If there are any problems with the features you've added, VOLT will notify you at this point. Once the font has been successfully compiled, we can proceed to the proofing tool.

To access VOLT's built-in testing facility, click the 'Proofing Tool' button in the VOLT toolbar. First select 'Latin' in the 'Script' drop-down box and then select 'Default' in the 'Language' drop-down box. We'll start off testing the first feature we added: the 'fi' ligature. First, type in the name of your font's 'f' glyph, a space, and then the name of the 'i' glyph. Here's how your Proofing Tool window should look:

Proofing tool window

[fi ligature] To test the 'fi' ligature, highlight the glyph names you typed into proofing tool, click the 'Standard Ligatures' check box, and then click the 'Complete' button in the right-hand pane. If you've created the lookup correctly, you should see your 'f' and 'i' turn into an 'fi' ligature (see graphic to the right).

Repeat this process with your other features, typing in the relevant glyph names, selecting the appropriate 'Feature' check box, and hitting 'Complete'.

Compiling and installing your font

Once you've verified that the OpenType layout features are working correctly, do a final 'Compile' and 'Save', and then exit VOLT. Find the font file and install it in your Windows Fonts folder in the Control Panel.

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