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Glyph Group Tool


The glyph group tool shows the composition of a glyph group and allow the user to edit it.


The glyph group tool consists of the following components:

  • group name on top
  • list of glyph names
  • list of glyph shapes

illustration The list of glyph names contains a list of editable glyph names, one name per line. VOLT maintains the side column of actual glyph shapes corresponding to these names. The shape appears next to a name as soon as the user has finished editing the line (moved the caret away, pressed enter or changed the focus). If the line does not contain a valid glyph name a red error sign appears instead of the shape. The user can correct the problem by editing the name or changing glyph names in the Glyph Definition Tool. If the error is not corrected it will be reported during compilation.


Adding and Removing Glyphs

To add or remove glyphs from the group, the user edits the glyph name list like if it was a text window. Pressing enter at the end of line starts a new one and the backspace and delete keys remove characters as well as line breaks. Cutting, copying, pasting and drag-and-drop are also available.

As soon as the user moves away from a line, the glyph shape corresponding to the name in that line is displayed in the glyph shape column. If the line does not contain a valid name, a red colored error symbol is displayed instead of glyph shape. The glyph shape list is not editable.

One can also drag glyphs from the glyph definition tools to the glyph name list to add their names to the group. The new glyphs appear on a new line (carriage return is inserted) at the place where they were dragged.


The user can scroll the lists.


Clicking on the "Names" heading sorts the list in alphabetic order by names. Clicking on "Shapes" sorts the entries by glyph ID.


It is not necessary to preserve the order of glyphs in the group. When the Glyph Group Tool is re-open the glyphs should appear in the order of their glyph IDs.


The glyph groups are not compiled but are used to compile coverages and class definitions of lookups that use them. For compilation, one can always consider glyph groups to be sorted by glyph ID.

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