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Adobe Minion Web

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Minion Web

Minion Web

Minion is an Adobe Originals typeface family designed by Robert Slimbach. Minion is inspired by classical, old style typefaces of the late Renaissance, a period of elegant, beautiful, and highly readable type designs. Minion Web has been optimized for onscreen use.

WebType product shot Adobe Minion Web isn’t distributed from the Windows 98 update site or the Internet Explorer 5 product update site, and was never included on our core fonts for the Web download page. However if you’re not able to download it from the Internet Explorer 4.0 add-ons page you can also get it directly from Adobe as part of their WebType package.

Adobe Minion Web version history

Version 1.00 - Adobe Minion Web was supplied as part of the Internet Explorer 4 supplemental font pack add-on.

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