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Geoffrey Lee designed this face, first issued in 1965 by the famous Sheffield foundry, Stephenson Blake. The mid-1960s marked the height of a fashion for bold condensed faces that probably originated when Paris Match cut up prints of the Schmalfette Grotesk font, which had been drawn by Walter Haettenschweiler. Because Impact was less condensed than Schmalfette, designers often used the two fonts together as companion faces. Even without Schmalfette, you can use Impact for, well, impact.

Impact version history

Version 2.35 - This version includes some minor table updates, but no new glyphs.

Version 2.30 - Impact version 2.30 extends the WGL4 version to include the euro currency symbol.

Version 2.20 - Impact version 2.20 was one of our original Core fonts for the Web posted on 1 March 1996. It is also supplied with Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 released on 13 August 1996 and Internet Explorer 4.

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