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Typography news May 2001

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HOW about an Emigre freebie?
San Francisco, CA. - 31 May 2001
Be one of the first 500 people to visit the Gingko Press booth (#214) during the upcoming HOW conference in San Francisco and you'll be walking away with a free Emigre t-shirt.  More details...

FontShop SF news
San Francisco, CA. - 31 May 2001
FontShop's most recent newsletter reveals font pack deals and TRIBE launch info.  More details...

Chank - not well
Minneapolis, MN. - 31 May 2001
Chank Diesel needs your help. reports that the popular font personality is in hospital suffering a mystery illness. Please send him a get-well message or purchase his 'emergency-room fontpak' to help cheer him up.  More details...

U&lc Revival? - 29 May 2001
Two articles have been posted to the U&lc web site. Brian Allen's review of 'revival of the fittest' and Ilene Strizver's latestcolumn.  More details...

File this one under Z
New York, NY. - 29 May 2001
ITC has also released Zinzinnati, another Nick Curtis design.

Chuckles from ITC
New York, NY. - 29 May 2001
ITC has just released Mr. Chuckles by Nick Curtis. set for refresh
England - 29 May 2001
David Earls reports that a redesigned will be unveiled on June 4.  More details...

Rare books go French
Lyons, France - 29 May 2001
In collaboration with Rare Book School, the Lyons-based Institut d'histoire du livre is offering three advanced four-day courses courses in the fields of book and printing history.  More details...

'Probably the best'
France - 29 May 2001
Alexis Zephir has contributed a round up of typography news web sites to the Porchez foundry site.  More details...

Our history
France - 29 May 2001
Jean-Fran├žois Porchez has posted the first part of a series of articles covering the history of type.  More details...

Highway Ray Larabie
Mississauga, Canada - 25 May 2001
Another day, another freeware font from Ray Larabie. Check out Blue Highway.  More details...

...if ever a wiz there was?
Japan - 25 May 2001
FontWizard appears to be a tool that auto-generates hundreds of Japanese calligraphic characters based on a users input of a few designs.

Oldie but a goody
Redmond, WA. - 25 May 2001
Eliyezer Kohen's 1994 lecture 'TrueType: The digital Font Technology' is available on demand.

Poynor lecture notes - 25 May 2001
In this week's Creativepro article John D. Berry gives his account of Rick Poynor's recent lecture.  More details...

It goes up to eleven
Cambridge, Mass. - 24 May 2001
Todd Dever's Cool Type library has been added to the MyFonts catalog.  More details...

Pakenham Deluxe
Mississauga, Canada - 24 May 2001
Ray Larabie's latest Pakenham Deluxe was inspired by Paul Renner's Steile Futura and is packed with symbols and accents for Baltic, Central European and Turkish across 32 styles. $25 - amazing!  More details...

Soft and curvy
London, England - 24 May 2001
British newspaper The Telegraph has posted Typefaces 'reveal personality traits'. Apparently 'fashion conscious "pop chicks" used soft and curvy fonts such as Georgia.'  More details...

Squeal if you love Ray's fonts!
Mississauga, Canada - 23 May 2001
Squealer 2.0 is the latest creation to be released from Professor Ray Larabie's font laboratory.  More details...

Three years of type news
Redmond, WA - 22 May 2001
It was in May of 1998 that we started posting news links to the Microsoft Typography Web site. Since then we've posted over 1500 news links.

Rick Poynor ate my hamster!
Lines & Splines - 22 May 2001
Andy Crewdson reviews last night's Rick Poynor lecture.  More details...

Whatever next?
Germany - 21 May 2001
Frutiger NEXT is Linotype's latest vision of Adrian Frutiger's classic typeface.  More details...

ISTD call for entires - 21 May 2001
A call for entries has been posted by the International Society of Typographic Designers awards committee.

ATypI 2001 site to debut June 1
Surrey, England - 21 May 2001
The official ATypI 2001 conference site will be launched on June 1. At this time early-registrations discounts will also be announced.  More details...

MyFonts gets ten of the best?
Cambridge, Mass. - 21 May 2001
Fonts from another ten foundries have been added to the MyFonts catalog.  More details...

VOLT community back online
Redmond, WA. - 19 May 2001
After being out of service for the past few days the VOLT community on MSN is now back online.  More details...

TypeCon discount
Rochester, NY. - 18 May 2001
Today is the last day attendees can get a twenty percent discount on TypeCon 2001 tickets.  More details...

Robert Norton memorial update
London, England - 18 May 2001
If you plan to attend Robert Norton's memorial service please RSVP.  More details...

Why we love Fridays - 18 May 2001
John D. Berry's regular contributions to are always worth reading. This week's article on dot-dot-dot issue 2 is particularly good.  More details...

TypeCon program guide
Rochester, NY. - 17 May 2001
The TypeCon 2001 organizers have posted a preliminary program.  More details...

International eXPerience
Redomd, WA. - 16 May 2001
The Microsoft GlobalDev site has posted an Overview of Windows XP International Support.

Pixel perfect
MIT - 16 May 2001
Microsoft has received its first major ClearType patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Don Barker has written a short article about it for the MIT Enterprise Technology Review.  More details...

VOLT community site outage
Redmond, WA. - 16 May 2001
We are aware of problems affecting the Microsoft VOLT MSN community, and are working with MSN engineers to rectify the problems.

TypeCon movie watch
Rochester, NY. - 15 May 2001
The TypeCon 2001 organizers have added a screening of a punch cutting documentary to the event schedule.  More details...

FontWorks update
London, England - 15 May 2001
Various FontWorks newsletter highlights.  More details...

FontAgent 8.2 released
Carlsbad, CA. - 15 May 2001
Insider software has released FontAgent 8.2.  More details...

Chank studio open days
Minneapolis, MN. - 15 May 2001
If you find yourself in Minneapolis this weekend be sure to drop by Chank's studio.  More details...

Chank's darling fonts of May
Minneapolis, MN. - 15 May 2001
New fonts McKraken and Kaiser on the Chank site.  More details...

TTR site goes away
The Web - 15 May 2001
The TrueType Resource site joins a growing list of type related web sites that have disappeared from the Web.  More details...

Where is
The Web - 14 May 2001
After a month and a half missing in action murmurs on Typo-L prompted us to call's owner.  More details...

TypeCon Gallery
Rochester, NY. - 14 May 2001
The organizers of TypeCon 2001 have issued type gallery a 'call for entries'.  More details...

Todd talks type size
alistapart - 11 May 2001
Ever since browsers started supporting Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Todd Fahrner, has been banging on about problems related to specifying type in Web pages. His latest thoughts.

Designing books part 3 - 11 May 2001
The third and final part of John D. Berry's article on book design has been posted on  More details...

Font Bureau book 3
Boston, Mass. - 11 May 2001
The Font Bureau recently issued the third edition of the Font Bureau Specimen Book.  More details...

Bye bye Dumbar
The Hague, NL. - 11 May 2001
Peter Bilak, co-editor of dot-dot-dot and the designer behind the Eureka typeface has decided to leave Studio Dumbar and go it alone.  More details...

TypeCon early bird extended
Rochester, NY. - 10 May 2001
Those nice people at SOTA are giving you an extra week to get TypeCon 2001 tickets at 20% off. They've made some program announcements too.  More details...

Rebranding Britain
BBC News - 9 May 2001
The BBC radio program 'In Business' is running an interesting competition.

Print vs bits
SF Gate - 8 May 2001
Neil McAllister asks if digital media can match the longevity of plain old print.  More details...

Canada - 8 May 2001
Fun design fables at EyeWire.  More details...

Monster May
Various sources - 8 May 2001
During the first week of May we averaged over three news links a day - far too many to include on this page. See the May archive for all twenty-five font related news links.

Just 2 more days to save
Rochester, NY. - 7 May 2001
TypeCon 2001 early bird rates and the Emigre full library offer expire on May 10.  More details...

The Constructivists
Germany - 7 May 2001
There's more to the Constructivists than thick rules and Russian type. Linotype reveals all.  More details...

Twenty faces
Textism - 7 May 2001
Textisim has posted an 'examination of some of the better type families designed for extended reading, with highly subjective notes on usage and what to expect.'

Art from Chank's heart
Minneapolis, MN. - 7 May 2001
Chank's art sale.  More details...

Ray's guide to FontLab
Mississauga, Canada - 7 May 2001
Canada's free font sorcerer Ray Larabie has posted a great FontLab tutorial, and a new font Strenuous.  More details...

Garage deal won't say die
Silver Spring, MD. - 7 May 2001
Garage has extended an offer that gives you, the discerning font buyer, the opportunity to license the entire GarageFonts library for just $995.  More details...

FOGgy advice?
Canada - 5 May 2001
EyeWire columnist Robin Williams plugs Macromedia Fontographer, failing to mention that the product hasn't been updated in over five years.  More details...

Linotype site redesigned
Germany - 5 May 2001
Linotype's site now redirects to a brand new site  More details...

No soup for you!
MacCentral - 4 May 2001
Terri Stone on Adobe's decision not to provide a version of Adobe Type Manager for Mac OSX.  More details...

Designing books part 2 - 4 May 2001
Part two of John D. Berry's article on book design has been posted on  More details...

Chank 26 hour sale
Minneapolis, MN. - 4 May 2001
Get a free one-year subscription to Chank's font of the month club with any online purchase from  More details...

New icons
Denmark - 4 May 2001
This month's icons are taken from Fazings One a freeware font by Pizza Dude.  More details...

Linux font handling critiqued
ZDNews - 3 May 2001
ZDNews commentator Evan Leibovitch looks at Linux font problems.

Octavo Wired
Wired News - 3 May 2001
Wired's Kendra Mayfield takes a look at Octavo, the Silicon Valley company that breathes new life into centuries-old books with digital technology.  More details...

Flat is better
c|net - 3 May 2001
According to a c|net news report, IBM has announced a new manufacturing technique that it says will lead to higher-quality flat-panel displays and bring those devices to market faster.  More details...

Bitstream results
Cambridge, Mass. - 3 May 2001
Bitstream has issued its quarterly results. It's nice to see revenue continue to grow.  More details...

Nevins had it so good
Austin, TX. - 2 May 2001
Dave Nalle's latest email unveils a number of new fonts designed by Peter Nevins, pictured pipe in hand here.  More details...

All quiet on the western font
Wellington, NZ. - 2 May 2001
Following the closure of Jack Yan ponders on the state of play in the font world.  More details...

Nugget's OpenType glitter
Yorklyn, DE. - 2 May 2001
Rich Roat of House Industries was kind enough to send us one of the Las Vegas fonts so that we could check out the OpenType features included within it.  More details...

MyFonts May specials
Cambridge, Mass. - 1 May 2001
Special offers at MyFonts for the month of May.  More details...

TypeCon early bird deadline
Rochester, NY. - 1 May 2001
Save yourself 20% by registering for TypeCon 2001 before May 10.  More details...

ATypI newsletter out - 1 May 2001
Copies of the ATypI Newsletter #5 should now be with members. It's also available as a PDF download from the members section of the ATypI Web site.  More details...

Chank reinvented
Minneapolis, MN. - 1 May 2001
Out with the old, and in with a spanky new redesigned Web site from Mr Chank Diesel.  More details...

Another one bites the dust - 1 May 2001
As a footnote to our earlier reports regarding the demise of another Gemstar eBook Web site appears to have been shut down. See the Wired news report for details.  More details...

Trebuchet MS upgraded
Redmond WA. - 1 May 2001
Trebuchet MS, one of Microsoft's most popular free Web fonts, has been upgraded. The new version includes support for Greek and Cyrillic based languages.  More details...

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