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Brand new Britain

BBC News - 4 June 2001

When we mentioned the BBC's rebranding Britain competition last month, little did we know that the winner would have a typo news connection.

Julia Ptasznik, editor of Visual Arts Trends dropped us a line to report that her partner, Keith Williams, the European editor of Visual Arts Trends, had won the compo. His winning design can be seen at the bottom of this page. Here's a quote from Keith's press release... A logo designed by Keith Williams has won BBC Radio 4's "rebranding Britain" competition. Judging the competition was Landor Associates' creative director, Derek Johnston.

The challenge was set by BBC Radio 4's "In Business" programme to produce a brand logo for Britain to help boost the tourist industry and improve Britain's image abroad.

Johnston said of the logo, "I think because it's simple, ... memorable, and very powerful, it could again be the little nugget that we attach onto the front end of our UK brand"

In other Ptasznik news... her profile appears over at

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article posted 4 June 2001 and last updated 4 June 2001.

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