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Cutting punches in San Francisco

SF, CA. - 12 June 2001

Punch cutting is an ancient art used by type designers long before Fontographer was even invented. Dan Carr is one of the world's few remaining punch cutters. Here are some photos of him at work posted by Delve 'I don't claim to be a photographer' Withrington.

Delve, the man behind the popular Type Books site, witnessed the typecutting spectacle during the recent Parmenides Project Symposium. Apparently the documentary 'Golgonooza' was shown during the event. Last year Gahlord Dewald offered the following details about the film.

Subject is Golgonooza Letter Foundry and Fine Press in New Hampshire, USA. Dan Carr (a judge's fave at TDC 2k, a lecturer at ATYPI 2k, punchcutter, printer, poet) and Julia Ferrari (bookbinding, printmaking) discuss their work and their approach to work. This is not a how-to film, but one which gives insight into the minds and workings of these two book makers. No talking heads. Directed by Shannon Robards and Gahlord Dewald, original score by Gahlord Dewald (different and much improved score than ATYPI 1999).

In other Withrington news… Delve is holding an open-day this weekend at his Bay Area studio...

Also, on a completely unrelated note... For those of you in the SF Bay Area, I'm participating in East Bay Open Studios this weekend. My art- work is strongly influenced by my interest in type (among other things). You can see some of my work at my new website: Come on over, see artwork have a glass of wine and say hello. Directions are at the site or just give me a call. For those of you not in the bay area, well, the website will have to do for now.

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article posted 12 June 2001 and last updated 13 June 2001.

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