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A|MT team up with SONICblue

Wilmington, MA. - 13 June 2001

Agfa Monotype has licensed its 'New Media Core Fonts' to the SONICblue Corporation for inclusion in its Linux based information appliances.

Last year Agfa Monotype provided us with preview copies of two of their new core fonts, the sans-serif Albany and the serif face Thorndale. Along with Cumberland, a monospaced font, the three faces comprise Agfa Monotype's latest set of high-quality TrueType screen fonts. The set provides precise metric correspondence to the Microsoft core fonts Arial, Times New Roman, and Courier, respectively.


Though the metrics of the two font sets are identical, Albany and Thorndale differ noticeably in design from their counterparts. Albany's forms are more open than Arial's, with more generous apertures and counters; also, punctuation is not square, as in Arial, but round.


Thorndale's contrast is slightly reduced in comparison with Times New Roman and its serifs are a bit more substantial. There are also some divergences in the design of certain characters: namely b, R and many of the figures. Thorndale Italic also shows significant structural differences from Times New Roman Italic. The letters' cursive aspects are more prominent - specifically the rounded, drooping head serifs of characters like i, j, m, n, and p (in contrast to Times New Roman Italic's sharp, nearly horizontal features in the same letters).


In May 2000, Monotype announced a licensing deal with Corel to ship the fonts with the Canadian company's Wordperfect Office 2000 for Linux and Corel Linux OS products. In April of this year a promo ad on the Agfa Monotype home page revealed that the fonts have also been licensed to Gateway for inclusion in their AOL/Linux based Internet appliance.

The press release

For Immediate Release:

Agfa Monotype Licenses New Media Fonts to frontpath for Internet Appliance

June 13, 2001 (Wilmington, MA.) - Agfa Monotype Corporation today announced that frontpath, inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of SONICblue, Incorporated (Nasdaq: SBLU), has licensed Agfa Monotype's New Media Core Font set for ProGear(tm), fontpath's premier Information Appliance. The wireless web device is targeted to broadband-enabled markets such as hospitality, education and healthcare. "ProGear is one of a new breed of powerful Internet tools," said Steve Kuhlman, vice president of sales and marketing for Agfa Monotype. "The New Media fonts will benefit frontpath's vertical partners by offering clear, legible type on screen."

The New Media Core Font set consists of Albany(tm), Cumberland(tm) and Thorndale(tm). The fonts were designed specifically for software and hardware developers who create products for New Media market segments. Non-printer devices such as interactive TVs, palmtop computers, digital phones and information appliances comprise these segments. The New Media Core fonts are metrically equivalent to the original Microsoft(r) Windows(r) core fonts Arial(tm), Courier New(tm) and Times New Roman(tm) -- all members of Agfa Monotype font families. Compatibility provides exactly the same line endings and spacing as the Microsoft fonts, allowing for easy viewing and exchanging of documents without document reflow problems. Web pages and documents are seen as the designer intended.

"The ability to include fonts that are compatible with other platforms and browser environments is important to us and our vertical partners," said Patt Montgomery, vice president of business development and marketing for frontpath. "The integration of Agfa Monotype's easy-to-read, high-quality fonts coupled with a high-resolution 10.4" TFT screen means the message that our partners want their customers to see is clear."

The New Media Core Font set is part of Agfa Monotype's Enhanced Screen Quality(r) (ESQ(r)) line of TrueType(r) fonts that are optimized for viewing type legibly at any resolution. The Albany ESQ, Thorndale ESQ and Cumberland ESQ font families all contain regular, italic, bold and bold italic weights. They represent the three typeface styles found on most personal computers: serif, sans serif and monospace.

About Agfa Monotype Corporation
Agfa Monotype Corporation is a major provider of digital content for graphics professionals. The company is a recognized leader in fonts and font technologie s and an innovator in color and screening technologies. Agfa Monotype is a wholly owned subsidiary of Agfa Corporation and is part of Agfa's Graphic Systems business unit. Agfa Corporation, headquartered in Ridgefield Park, NJ, is part of the Agfa-Gevaert Group, one of the world's leading imaging companies, headquartered in Mortsel, Belgium. Agfa develops, produces and markets analog and digital systems, primarily for the graphics, medical imaging, non-destructive testing and consumer imaging and photography markets. Worldwide, Agfa's annual sales are approximately $4.7 billion. Additional information about Agfa Monotype Corporation can be found on the company's web site at

About frontpath
frontpath, inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of SONICblue Incorporated (Nasdaq: SBLU). frontpath designs, develops and markets information appliance products and services that deliver personalized communication solutions enabling consumers to live a "connected lifestyle" at home, at work and at play. frontpath is headquartered at 2841 Mission College Blvd, Santa Clara, Calif.

About SONICblue Incorporated
SONICblue(tm) is a leader in the converging Internet, digital media and consumer device markets. Working with partners that include some of the biggest brands in consumer electronics, SONICblue creates and markets products that let consumers enjoy all the benefits of a digital home and a connected lifestyle. SONICblue holds significant financial assets, global marketing capabilities and a focused technology portfolio that includes Rio(r) digital audio players, HomeFree(tm) home networking solutions, Diamond(tm) Internet access products and frontpath(tm) Information Appliances.

Contact: Mark Larson,
Agfa Monotype Corporation, 985 Busse Rd.
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007-2400
847-718-0400 x118

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article posted 13 June 2001 and last updated 13 June 2001.

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