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vLetter PRO SmartFont™

Hood River, OR - 8 April 2011

vLetter Inc. today announced important improvements to their popular vLetter PRO Custom Handwriting Fonts with the introduction of vLetter PRO v.6


Smart Font. These new OpenType® format fonts make vLetter PRO even easier to use! The user simply chooses their personal font from the Font menu and starts typing! These new fonts use advanced OpenType features and proprietary vLetter technology to make letters instantly connect and vary their shapes, as well the ability to quickly insert their signature as they type. OpenType advanced features are used to allow multiple versions of each letter. Smart Fonts are contextual fonts, meaning that depending upon the surrounding letters, the


Smart Font technology chooses the best version of the character to seamlessly connect to display the realistic variety of the user’s handwriting.


•  Connected cursive fonts connect as they are typed & even printed fonts automatically vary the shapes of the letters

• No utility or toolbar needed! No need to highlight and convert the text. The user simply select the fonts and starts typing

• User types the letters "fullsign" to quickly add their signature anywhere in the document

• vLetter PRO Smart Font is now compatible with both Mac and Windows and can be used on either system

System Requirements

Mac OS X 10.5 or above: Pages '09, Word 2008 or above

Windows Vista or Windows 7: Office 2010, Publisher 2010

Ordering information

vLetter PRO v.6 SmartFont is available for purchase online at $179.95 each at Customers order online then download the sample form on the order confirmation page. The sample form is filled out by the customer and used to capture all the necessary character variations needed to design the customer’s personal font. The sample form is completed in the customer’s choice of either print or cursive style then mailed or emailed to vLetter for processing. Upgrades from previous versions of vLetter PRO are also available. Windows 7, Windows Vista, MS Office and MS Publisher are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.Mac and Mac OS are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries

About vLetter

vLetter is the leading international provider of custom and ready-made handwriting fonts for businesses, schools and individuals. vLetter is the only producer of contextual handwriting fonts and the inventor of the original Personal Font. vLetter first released their breakthrough fonts in 1992 — creating custom fonts from people's own handwriting. From there, they expanded their product line to include Schoolhouse Fonts that are used to teach handwriting to children - at school and at home ( vLetter soon added Historic Handwriting Fonts. vLetter headquarters and primary production facility is located in Hood River, Oregon, USA.

Information about vLetter and its products can be found at

article posted 8 April 2011 and last updated 12 October 2011.

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