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Granshan 2011

Armenia - 11 November 2011

The results of the 4th International Type design competition Granshan 2011

59 works from 9 countries: Armenia, Austria, Germany, Greek, Portugal, Russia, UK, Ukraine and USA were submitted to the 'Granshan 2011' competition.

The organizing committee of the 'Granshan 2011' competition thanks all the participants for taking part in our competition, congratulates all the prize winners and wishes them good luck in their further work.

The jury board of the 'Granshan 2011' competition marked with special mentions Jo Lang (Austria) for submitting his 'Foltyn' font to Armenian text typefaces category, Nenad Hancic-Matejic (Germany) for submitting 'Glagolica' font to Display category.

The organizing committee thanks the members of the jury of 'Granshan 2011' competition for their laborious and diligent work. On the 26 of October 2011 at the press conference in the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia were announced the results and prize winners of the 'Granshan 2011' competition.

The list of the winners:


Armenian text typefaces category

1st prize - not awarded

2nd prize - 'Aregak', Hrachuhi Grigoryan, Armenia

3rd prize - 'Emrys', Ben Jones, UK


Cyrillic text typefaces category

1st prize - 'William', Maria Doreuli, Russia

2nd prize - 'Permian', Ilya Ruderman, Russia

3rd prize - 'Circe', Alexandra Korolkova, Russia


Greek text typefaces category

1st prize - 'Emrys', Ben Jones, UK

2nd prize - 'Artigo', Joana Maria Correia da Silva, Portugal

3rd prize - 'Foxhill', Hanna Donker, UK


Display category

1st prize - 'Belladonna', Alexandra Korolkova, Russia

2nd prize - 'Fry', Oleg Macujev, Russia

3rd prize - 'Meteor Script', Ilya Ruderman, Russia


The org.committee congratulates Alexandra Korolkova for winning the Grand Prize reward at a rate of 1000 euros for her typeface 'Belladonna'.

All awarded works will be displayed at the exhibitions in Yerevan and Munich in November and be included in the catalogue 'Granshan 2011', which will be issued by the end of this year.

The org. committee informs that the works submitted to 'Granshan 2011' competition were displayed at the exhibition in the Bibliotheca Alexandria (Egypt) on the 27-29 of September without announcing the winners.

Edik Ghabuzyan,

Co-head of the org. committee of 'Granshan' competition


article posted 11 November 2011 and last updated 11 November 2011.

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