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Job opening

Redmond, WA - 5 March 2012
The Advanced Reading Technologies team invites a superstar to join their multidisciplinary team. The team consists of typographers, computer scientists, mathematicians, and reading psychologists, and has the mission to improve the reading experience for all of Microsoft’s products worldwide. The team is long-sighted enough to tackle problems that will take many years to solve, while simultaneously shipping continual improvements to the reading experience. Some of the innovative products that have come from our team include the ClearType family of rendering technologies, and several popular typefaces designed from screens including Verdana and Calibri. Improvements made to the on screen reading experience have a huge impact, improving the lives of every reader by making it easier to learn and create.

The Advanced Reading Technologies team is expanding their focus of making text on screen as good as text on paper, towards using computational power to make reading on screen a better experience than reading from a book. An exceptional candidate will be able to develop their own software prototypes, design a typeface and a book, show a passion for typography, conduct empirical reading studies, and understand how to use data. It is particularly important that the candidate is an excellent communicator in order to collaborate with people from different disciplines. The candidate should have a strong vision about the future of reading and drive that vision into products. An advanced degree or previous experience on the future of reading is recommended.

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article posted 5 March 2012 and last updated 5 March 2012.

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