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Steps to becoming the world's greatest type designer…

1. Get wise to type ethics
Be sure to read TypeRight's guide to ethical type design.

2. Read up on typo theory
The TypeBooks Web site features recommendations and book reviews. Typophile offers a variety of useful resources. Developer-centric info can be found on Apple's font site and in our developer's section.

3. Buy a font editor
Choices include FontLab, OTMaster and the budget favorite Font Creator Program. Microsoft's Font properties editor lets you set embedding permissions, include descriptions, license agreements and Web addresses in the fonts you create.

4. Validate the fonts you make
Use the Microsoft Font Validator to check your font for errors.

5. Register a Vendor ID
Registering a unique vendor ID will allow your users to stay in touch even if your real or virtual address changes.

6. Delve into hinting
Microsoft's Visual TrueType tool lets you enhance the on-screen appearance of your fonts.

article posted 25 March 1999 and last updated 17 June 2009.

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