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em2 Solutions
Svartviksslingan 11, SE – 167 38 Bromma, Sweden
Tel: +46 8 261533
Fax: +46 8 56460298

em2 Solutions (formerly BorWare AB) is a Swedish company, located in the outskirts of Stockholm. We design and develop software applications within the area of digital typography, software development tools and Internet applications.

Our primary interest resides in the area of typography, and in particular the design of OpenType tools. We enjoy working with low-level TrueType and Type 1 issues, as we are intimately familiar with the inner workings of both the TrueType and Type 1 rasterizers as well as the use of them. Another area of interest is portability, such as designing software for Unix, Mac, Windows and in particular the Internet.

Prior projects that we have worked on with Microsoft Typography, a group within Microsoft Corporation in Redmond USA, include; VOLT, WEFT, TIDE, VTT and Janus. WEFT is an application that lets web authors create embedded OpenType fonts for the Internet. A web page may thus use any OpenType font by containing links to such embedded font files. VOLT is the Visual OpenType Layout Tool, for which we developed a prototype. TIDE is a core technology designed to aid the development of OpenType tools, such as WEFT and VOLT. VTT is a visual editing tool for creating OpenType fonts. Our work consisted of porting this project from Macintosh to Windows. Janus is an Adobe Type 1 to TrueType converter, based on the Type 1 converter that is integrated with Windows NT. We designed and implemented the initial version of this software in NT as well. For information on these type related projects, please visit our web site at, MST’s web site at, or visit the MSN User Communities and search for these projects.

Our projects related to the area of software development tools include AIMS and ACRS. AIMS is an automatic issue management system, designed to aid a software development team in keeping track of reports of bugs and other defects in software products. ACRS is our automatic crash recovery system, which lets us assert that we keep a high level of quality in the projects that we work on. ACRS automatically generates crash reports that are forwarded to us in the event of a crash in a program. The report is analyzed by a server on the Internet and may immediately return information to the end-user about work-around for the problem (in the form of a so called 'Knowledge Base Article') or return a new version of the program if the problem has already been fixed. These crash reports let us debug the flawed software in a source code debugger, as if the program crash on our own machines. This is dramatically reducing the development time needed to support a product. This system is currently used by WEFT, and AIMS. Server and client components of AIMS and ACRS are currently available for Win32, Mac8.x and Unix.

For further information about our products, credentials, information on how to acquire our services, or to acquire free estimates on projects, please contact us as

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This information was last updated 28 January 2002.

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