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Design Science Inc.
140 Pine Avenue, 4th Floor Long Beach, CA 90802 USA
Tel: 562-432-2920
Fax: 562-432-2857

MathType is the intelligent mathematical equation editor for Windows and Macintosh computers. MathType works with any word processor, desktop publishing application, presentation program and Web-authoring software to insert typeset-quality equations into technical papers, books, slides and World Wide Web pages.

We created the Equation Editor in Microsoft Office, WordPerfect, ClarisWorks and many other Windows and Macintosh applications. We offer MathType as a powerful upgrade to Equation Editor at a very low price. Please visit our Product Information page for details on MathType's additional features, pricing, and ordering.

About the vendor

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   Symbol and dingbat fonts
   Custom design  
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This information was last updated 14 February 2006.

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