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Prenzlauer Allee 209a, 10405 Berlin, Germany
Tel: +49-30-530.87.533

The Kombinat-Typefounders is a publisher and distributor of digital typefaces. We work with our clients on custom tailored typographic solutions, but we also license the fonts in our exclusive retail library, which are available only from our Berlin headquarters and from Kombinat-Typefounders was founded in 2001 by Hannes Famira. Slowly developing from the showcase of one guy’s work into a business, we are in our twelfth year now. The company remains small but with a growing number of independent designers contributing to our retail library of typefaces.

About the vendor

   International fonts
   Symbol and dingbat fonts  
   Custom design
Macintosh tools or applications  
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This information was last updated 2 November 2012.

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