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Interleaf, Inc.
Interleaf, Inc. 62 Fourth Avenue, Waltham, MA 02154, USA
Tel: 617 290 0710
Fax: 617 290 4943

Interleaf, Inc., provides advanced software solutions for enterprise-active publishing solutions for complex, active documents across the extended enterprise and the Web. Interleaf helps companies around the world access, enhance, and share business-critical information from the full spectrum of information sources. This information may come from word processing systems, graphic applications, spreadsheets, corporate databases, and increasingly, external electronic transmissions from email to Internet and Web-based documents.

Interleaf's open software products integrate electronic publishing, web publishing, database publishing, and document management, making it easy for customers to assemble, manage, retrieve, distribute, and publish business-critical information across the extended enterprise. Its advanced publishing solutions leverage and repurpose information stored in various corporate databases, documents, and even Web environments, into published information and publishing activities to provide value to internal and external communications, reduce costs, and substantially increase markets or sales.

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This information was last updated 8 April 1998.

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