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Production First Software
3830 Valley Centre Drive #705-181 ; San Diego, CA 92130
Tel: 858 794 7638

Production First Software was founded in 1990 to design and market the highest quality multilingual typefaces and font resources. The typeface designs and font resource products are designed to the highest typographic standards, and include a collection of original, historic, and revival 1-byte, 2-byte, and 4-byte fonts. Typefaces representing more than 200 languages and scripts are available. Formats are available for Be(R), MS-DOS(R), Macintosh(R), Unix(R), and Windows(R) operating systems. Multibyte fonts are hallmarked by: consistent, harmonizing designs across multiple alphabets and scripts; glyph outline topology scientifically designed to be stable and withstand high order envelope-shaping without artifacts; multiple f-ligatures available under both Mac and Windows with no font change; extensive pair kern data for Armenian, Cyrillic, Georgian, Greek, Hebrew, and Latin, including most accented characters; multiple pair kern data choices for some fonts; and ISO 9541-1 and Panose font matching capability; extensive character collections exceeding current Unicode and ISO 10646 repertory.

In 1991, Production First Software introduced the first third-party 2-byte font with Unicode(R) encoding which began to be used in commercial prepress work. In 1997, it introduced the first third-party 4-byte font (UCS-4) with ISO 10646 encoding. Information about multibyte font technology can be found in The Encyclopedia of Typography and Electronic Communication

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This information was last updated 19 January 2001.

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