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Sarumadhu Services Pvt. Ltd.

Sarumadhu Services Pvt. Ltd.
Sarumadhu Font Studio, Sarumadhu Services Pvt Ltd. G.Valencia, Male, Rep. of Maldives.
Tel: 320013
Fax: 320013

Our company (Sarumadhu Services Pvt. Ltd.) is a law firm. We used to create fonts in a branch of our company named Sarumadhu Font Studio. We created our first font album 5 years ago. That was a Thaana TTF fonts. But now we are able to create Thaana, Latin and Arab OpenType fonts.

We were designed and created different styles of typeface, named Fathun, Wadda, Hiyala, Dhooni, Dhonna, SSS, and SFS family, including OpenType mix language Unicode fonts, and calligraphic ornaments.

About the vendor

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   Symbol and dingbat fonts
   Custom design
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This information was last updated 12 August 2003.

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