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UnAuthorized Type
206 Woodhill Ln, Wilmore, KY 40390
Tel: 859 858 9369

UnAuthorized Type started just because I wanted to make fonts. I got a copy of Fontographer, doodled some letters in Paint Shop Pro, and produced my first font. I got hooked, even though that font was poor quality.

I started getting better, as I should have, since most of my free time was spent making fonts. Then I re-evaluated my life, and decided that I was leaving God out of the picture. So I spent less time on my fonts, and more time with God. My personal life was better, and so were my fonts, for that matter. Flubber, my most popular font, was the first font I produced after spending more of my time with God.

I continue to make fonts, and will, God-willing, for the foreseeable future. Stop by and check out the rest of UnAuthorized Type.

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This information was last updated 21 November 1998.

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