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Xerox Font Services
701 S. Aviation Blvd. (ESM1-052), El Segundo, CA 90245 USA
Tel: 800 445 FONT
Fax: 310 333 6560

Xerox Font Services has been a major contributor to digital printing since it's inception. Starting in 1981, Xerox Fonts and Forms Services engaged major type vendors who had since provided fonts only for typesetters and the offset printing environment. Negotiating the first font licenses for digital printing, Xerox Fonts and Forms Services paved the way for all Printer and Font manufacturers to supply font products to this vast field of technology. Xerox Font Services also invented the first Doublebyte font and font format, known as the Xerox Character Code Standard, which has since been refined and utilized to develop the Unicode Font standard, which was developed by Xerox and a consortium of major corporations.

Digital editing has also been influenced by Xerox Font Services through the use of trend-setting design processes, such as half-bitting, used to smooth the edges of bitmap fonts when printed and custom font graphs which were designed to produce charts and graphs without the use of graphics, enabling printers to output documents at their rated speeds. Our bar code and data glyph expertise has also enabled us to provide complex printing solutions to customers who require more than just standard font offerings and off-the-shelf font products.

As well as it's contributions to the digital printing environment, Xerox Font Services established a network of International Font Support Centers to provide font products to our customers in other countries with the same high quality support our U.S. customers receive, which has made Xerox Font Services the premiere solution for all your printing applications, worldwide.

Machine readable fonts

We specialize in machine readable fonts and applications, offering a wide variety of bar codes as well as OCR, MICR, OMR, DataGlyph and StealthDot fonts.

Custom type design

We have been providing custom font services for almost 20 years, developing the core fonts for Xerox Printing Systems as well as aftermarket, custom font support for external customers. We provide character additions, encoding changes, format conversions, bitmap to scalable conversions, logo and signature digitization and various other font related services. Our Custom Design staff consists of 8 full-time font developers who are all well-versed in the laser printing environment, having knowledge of resolution, print engines and other printer related intricacies as well as the knowledge of type design, graphic arts and multiple operating system environments.

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This information was last updated 22 February 1999.

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