Bowls and counters

are strokes that enclose a white space, like those that make the o and O. The two parts in the g are also bowls. Where a curve partially encloses a space it is also sometimes called a bowl, as in C. But it shouldn't be. In a B you have two bowls. In the C you have a curved stroke and a

The lower space in a Baskerville g is a counter. The upper is also.


You may also refer to the two harbours created by an S as counters. Even if it is enclosed by a bowl it is a counter. A bowl is the black shape enclosing a counter, a counter is the white space bounded by a bowl, or by a terminal, or by any other stroke. [Lazy punch cutters would use a counter punch to dig out the hole in the punch they were making. It saved some digging, but it did also tend to spread the soft steel.] If you want to get fancy you can also call the stem on B or D or P the straight of the bowl. It is clear what this means.

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