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WEFT Database Generation

Creating your personal font database

WEFT icon To start WEFT, double-click the WEFT icon or select 'Microsoft WEFT' from the 'OpenType Tools' section of the Windows Start menu.

When you run the tool for the first time, it will generate a database containing information about the fonts installed on your computer.


Viewing the font database

To view the font database, select 'Available Fonts' from the 'View' menu.

View available fonts - reduced to 50%

The 'Available fonts' screen shows information about the fonts in the database. The next section describes this screen in detail.

Font database maintenance


Three font database maintenance options are accessible from the 'Tools' menu.

Update Font DB...

WEFT will detect if new fonts have been added to your computer and will prompt you to update the database. You can also initiate the process at any time by selecting 'Update Font DB...' from the 'Tools' menu.


Recreate Font DB...

To recreate the font database select 'Recreate Font DB' from the 'Tools' menu.


Add Off-line fonts...

This is a new WEFT 3 feature that lets you add the contents of a font CD to your font database.


When an attached drive is detected, WEFT will ask if you'd like to scan the drive for fonts.


Selecting 'Available Fonts' from the 'View' menu will display the fonts identified during the off-line font adding process.


The detail below shows the location and volume information for some of the fonts identified when searching a CD containing font files.


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